7 Benefits of Getting Lash Extensions Near Me

Do you feel like it's time to change up your look? Are you struggling with making a decision when it comes to updating your style?

Have you been looking into "lash extensions near me"? You should be. Lash extensions are growing more and more popular and for good reason. Let's go through the benefits of getting lash extensions.

1. Lash Extensions Won't Damage Your Eyelashes

Unlike many other treatments, lash extensions won't cause any damage to your eyelashes. So, it's a great way to get a confidence boost without any risk!

Lash extensions are easy to maintain, and it's completely safe to get them wet. As long as your eyelash extensions are applied safely and correctly, they'll cause no damage to your eyelashes. It's still important to be careful, however. Don't pull at your eyelashes unnecessarily.

Stay away from rubbing your eyes, which can be dangerous for your actual eyes and not just your lash extensions. And, make sure you go to a professional lash extension artists that knows what they are doing and will apply your extensions properly.

2. Lash Extensions Save You Time

Do you spend a ton of time every morning trying to get ready? Does your makeup routine delay your ability to get out the door and get places on time?

Well, lash extensions can help you out.

You will still have to get your lash extensions filled every few weeks, but that's a small price to pay compared with how much time you'll save on a day-to-day basis.

Initial lash extensions cost between 150 and 185 dollars. When you get your lashes refilled, it'll cost between 50 and 75 dollars. That's a lot of savings on mascara, which can be as cheap as $10 dollars for drug store brands, but over 100 dollars for nicer brands.

That's not to mention the price of false eyelashes and any eyelash serums and treatments you may be trying out!

3. Save Money with Eyelash Extensions

Spending a ton of time on mascara, false eyelashes, and other aids can add up, especially over time. Las extensions cost end up being significantly less, especially since they're a once in a while cost.

Of course, if you do still want to go through your whole routine, either every day or for special events, you still can! That's the beauty of classic lash extensions, their adaptability. Just make sure you choose eye makeup products that amplify your fabulous new look.

4. Boost Your Self Esteem and Confidence With False Eyelashes

Many women feel insecure about their eyelashes. But, you won't have to worry about that anymore with false eyelashes. False eyelashes are a great way to boost your confidence and help you feel sexier on an everyday basis.

And, there can be external benefits to boosting your confidence with lash extensions, as well. Research has shown that being more confident in your appearance make people perceive you as more attractive.

On top of that, other studies show that your physical appearance has an impact on your professional and personal life. So, feeling more attractive can actually make you more successful at work!

5. Draw Attention to Yourself

Eyelash extensions can help you accentuate your eyes and draw attention to your best feature — your face!

Eyes are the window to the soul, after all. So, why don't you use eyelash extensions to show off your beautiful face for the whole world. This is perfect for your next Instagram selfie or profile picture. Or, if you're simply going out on the town, no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

6. You Can Customize Your Lash Extensions

One great thing about eyelash extensions is that you can choose the extensions that are right for you. You can choose from classic lash extensions, hybrid lash extensions, and volume lash extensions.

If you're looking to add a significant amount of extra volume to your eyelashes, volume lash extensions are the perfect choice for you. If you'd like to take a more subtle approach, classic lash extensions are the choice for you.

Or, if you'd rather have a happy medium, look for hybrid lash extensions for everything you need!

If you choose the wrong type of lash extensions for you, there's no need to worry. Just wait until they fall out naturally, and you can replace them with the kind that you prefer!

If you're not sure what to choose for your needs, consult with your lash artist and see what they recommend.

7. Lash Extensions Can Make You Look Younger

This may be surprising, but lash extensions can actually take years off your face. That's because the extensions help open up your eyes more, reducing the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes.

Since you can wear less makeup with your new eye extensions, you'll be looking younger in other ways, too. Makeup can draw attention to wrinkles and imperfections in your skin, making you look older than you are. 

Plus, the wide-eyed appearance created by lash extensions automatically make you look younger. So, if you're feeling insecure about getting older, there's no need to worry. Lash extensions can take years off your look in no time at all! 

You Won't Regret Choosing "Lash Extensions Near Me" 

Clearly, looking into "lash extensions near me" has many benefits across the board. So, why don't you give them a shot, and see what you think?

If you're planning on getting lash extensions near Springfield, MO, make sure you book your appointment with us today!