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Hi all! I'm Sarah B.  I love helping others get ready for weddings & special events.  I see beauty in everyone and every face shape and love mixing my passion for art and beauty when I put my brush to work.  I have 5 years of experience as a makeup artist and would love to help you get ready for your next big day.  I am a licensed esthetician.  I love skin!  Facials are my favorite service to do.  I'm known around here as a skin therapist.  I love when I can help my clients find the right treatments and products for their skin woes. I have a keen eye for detail and exceptional patience so eyelash extensions come naturally to me. Need help with your eyebrows too?  No problem.  I love eyebrow shaping and my 5 years experience as a makeup artist has given me the ability to know exactly where your brows should be for your face shape.  In my spare time I enjoy playing with my 3 puppy pals at home, caring for my plant babies and long distance running. 


Sarah B.












Hola! My name is Stephanie but some people like to call me the eyebrow doctor or String Slinging Stephanie.  I'm kind of famous around here for my eyebrow threading skills.  I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 10 years now.  In this time I've developed a sixth sense for eyebrow shape.  I don't need to do any time consuming eyebrow mapping or blocking.  I can do your eyebrows in as little as 10 minutes and they'll be perfect every time.  Many clients come to me for eyebrow threading but I'm no stranger to wax and there's nothing I love more than a pair of beautifully tinted brows.  But I don't stop at eyebrows.  I can also make miracles happen with a pair of scissors.  I love doing women's and men's hair cuts and can create any up do with ease.  And if your lashes need a lift, I got you.  I'm bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently. When I'm not at work I enjoy playing soccer and spending time with my family, my husband, son and daughter.  They're my world and my motivation.    

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Greetings humans! There's only a few things I love more than coffee. Meditation, crystals, and yoga are definitely on the list; however, makeup has been my ultimate passion for 7 years now.  Makeup is truly one of the only things in this world that helps me focus my creativity. Some people do arts and crafts; whereas some paint themselves with blue foundation and throw on a wig. Although I love using bizarre colors in my own makeup, I am also adept at natural or bridal makeup! My years of experience as a barista has helped me tremendously in multitasking, communication, and charisma, making large parties for special events a breeze! I can't wait to help accentuate your beautiful self for your next event! While makeup is my heart and soul, I also love skin and have spent years studying natural remedies. It would be an honor to meet with you to develop and improve your skincare routine and unleash your skin's fullest potential. Be sure to check out my makeup content on Instagram and Tik Tok at @prestonseraph!

Much Love,

Preston <3



Hello! I'm Sarah May. While most heroes carry around a sword, I wield a scalpel to save my clients from congested pores. I love dermaplaning, it's my favorite service to give. In fact, result driven facials are what drove me to be an esthetician in the first place. I also love extractions, microneedling, and helping my customers find the perfect at-home skin routine. I also spent many years in the art studio, so mapping out brows and tinting brows to perfection is a breeze. When I'm not out freeing the world of dead skin and congested pores, you can find me chasing around my two boys- ages 3 and 6. When I'm relaxing, I strum my ukulele and sing- or perhaps just enjoy a good book. Whether you need your skin refreshed to your brows shaped up, I'm the perfect candidate for your next appointment.


Sarah May


Hi, there! My name is Tifanie and I'm new to Rouge Beauty Bar and I love all things skin and beauty. My number one goal in life is to make every single client not just look their best, but feel their best. I truly believe beauty starts from within. Microneedling, dermaplaning, enzymes, and chemical peels are some of my favorite services to perform, but brows hold a special place in my heart. My brows were an unfortunate casualty of the early 2000's and I refuse to let anyone else make the mistakes I made! I also enjoy all kinds of makeup, whether it be for a special occasion, everyday wear, or cosplay (I've been known to paint my entire face blue more than once for just three photos).

When I'm not at Rouge Beauty Bar you can find me spending time with my family and friends, reading a novel, lifting weights, or watching a scary movie. As an esthetician, I was able to blend my love of beauty with my passion for building up those around me. Come see me and let me build you up!


Hey, what's up? I'm Jose. I'm a licensed esthetician with an obsession with waxing and makeup. Hate shaving your pits? I gotcha! Do your brows need some help? I gotcha! Want a full glam moment? I gotcha! Now let's not forget about the skincare and lashes. I basically do it all. I definitely take pride in my work.
When I'm not at work, I'm hanging out with friends or serving looks over on Instagram (PAINTEDBYJOSE). So now that you know me, let me get to know you here at Rouge Beauty Bar! See you soon! :)


Hello, lovelies! My name is Elizabeth and I work as an esthetician here at Rouge. I do facials, body waxing (even brazillians!), threading, and lashes. I specialize in lash extensions, and really enjoy doing wispy and spiked sets. However I love doing all of the services I offer! 
I love to get to know my clients, if you want to talk about anything and everything during your service, amazing! If you want to just sit back and relax and for me to be quiet, that's amazing too! I'm here to give you exactly what you need, your comfortability and happiness with your service is my number one priority. I would love to see you and help you feel your beauty of your own skin, and address any concerns or wants for you, or even to pamper after a stressful day. See you soon!
With much love,



My name is Eleanor! I am a licensed esthetician and have a background in makeup! All things beauty have always been a passion of mine. As a teenager my parents would often find me practicing my makeup skills in the very late  hours of the night. Some of my favorite services are customized facials, dermaplaning, and full body waxing! I love seeing my clients reaction after a service and seeing them glow from an outward appearance and from within. My goal is to make everyone's confidence shine! In my free time you will often find me spending time with my 3 cats and crafting all sorts of things! I especially have a love for making my own custom jewelry. I can't wait to see who ends up on my table! I want to offer a safe space for everyone and help them feel their best.