7 Ways to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows

At Rouge Beauty Bar, we believe there is no single brow solution for every person. Everyone has their own ideas about the best way to pamper themselves and achieve their perfect eyebrows. You can't find your perfect brow routine until you know what your options are, and that's where we come in! 

The estheticians and cosmetologists at Rouge Beauty Bar are brow professionals, eager to give you advice about the service that's right for you. In addition to our many brow services, we're always ready to give our clients advice about how to care for their beautiful brows in-between visits. 

Are you ready to take your brows to the next level? Keep reading to learn about seven of the best options for perfecting your brows. When you're done reading, come visit us in Springfield so we can help you rock your spa day! 

1. Eyebrow Threading

You might have heard of brow threading, but until you've experienced it, you might not realize just how revolutionary this brow service can be! 

Threading originated in India about 6,000 years ago, where it has long been considered an "affordable luxury" for the women there. Threading uses - you guessed it - thread to remove individual unwanted hairs and shape your brows. The precision allows your esthetician to achieve the perfect shape, all while you sit back with your eyes closed!

Threading is just one of the brow services offered at Rouge Beauty Bar. It might be the right option for you if you're looking for a traditional, time-tested service that doesn't use heat. It's a great choice for those on medications that don't allow facial waxing. 

2. Eyebrow Waxing

Another popular brow service at Rouge Beauty Bar is eyebrow waxing. An esthetician or cosmetologist will use a special facial wax to remove hair and achieve that perfect shape. It is typically quicker than threading, as multiple hairs will be removed at once. 

At Rouge, we use GiGi Facial Honee wax. This is a soft, gentle wax that is ideal for sensitive skin. It moisturizes as it removes the hair, leaving your skin supple and looking great! 

3. Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading is a versatile way to achieve perfect brows, and unlike hair removal methods, microblading is semi-permanent and long-lasting. Effects of microblading can last as long as three years!

It is similar to tattooing, only instead of a tattoo gun, a small blade is used to fill in your brows. It does take a little longer than either threading or waxing, but the long-term effects are worth the extra time in the chair! Microblading makes brows look full and lush, even if you have light or thin brow hair. 

4. Eyebrow Tinting 

If you're not quite ready for a long-term commitment, eyebrow tinting is another excellent way to fill in and darken your brows. It's quick, and will only last until your next waxing or threading appointment, so you don't need to commit to the look long-term. 

Your esthetician will use a special tinting gel, which will darken your brows. This has the added benefit of making your brow hairs easier to see. That often leads to a cleaner and more perfect waxing or threading job! 

Those who tint their brows often don't need to fill in their brows with makeup or powder. They look clean and bold all on their own, no tweaking required! 

5. Brow Makeup

You don't want your brows to look perfect for a few days. You want your brows to look perfect every day! Having the right brow products on hand in between appointments means that you will feel confident about your brows at all times! 

Your esthetician can recommend some of their favorite products to you, and even help you match your color so you don't have to buy them blind! A little brow powder or a brow pencil can be enough to keep your fresh brows looking great right until you stroll into the beauty bar for your next appointment! 

6. Don't Ignore Eyelashes

No matter how great your eyebrows look after an incredible service at Rouge Beauty Bar, they are only one part of facial perfection! Great lashes can help compliment great brows and keep your look cohesive. 

While you're here, why not try one of our eyelash services, too? We offer lash extensions, lash lifts, and lash tints. All of these services keep your lashes looking lush without the need for false lashes or daily curling. 

We can even help you choose cosmetics to use as part of your daily lash care routine. We're huge fans of Babe Lash Essential Serum. Great eyelashes make perfect brows look even better!

7. Regular Brow Appointments 

The most important tip when it comes to brow care? Don't forget to maintain your beautiful new brows! Consider scheduling your next appointment at the end of the previous one to ensure that you are prioritizing your style! 

Regular brow appointments can be a part of your self-care routine and keep you feeling confident. We'd love to become your "brow girls" and see you every few weeks to catch up on gossip! We won't spill the beans, we promise! 

Rouge Beauty Bar Shapes Perfect Eyebrows

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