9 Effective Tips for Beautiful Wedding Hair

Are you stressed out about achieving the perfect wedding hair? Are you not sure where to start or how to find the right look?

A lot of brides make simple, avoidable mistakes that either prevent them from getting the look they want or make the process much more stressful. 

We're here to help.

We've compiled a list of 9 tips for beautiful wedding hair to make sure you look the way you want to on your big day. Continue reading to find out how to keep the process as simple and stress-free as possible. 

1. Get Your Wedding Hair Healthy

The first thing to do after getting engaged is to celebrate (congrats!), but the second thing is to start assessing the health of your hair. 

This is especially true for the women who love experimenting and may be just a tad hard on their lovely locks. If you're a frequent bleacher or flat-iron user, it's time to give your hair a much-needed breather and a chance to heal.

Ask your stylist about repair products and treatments for damaged hair. The earlier you start, the more likely you will have healthy and beautiful hair at your wedding.

2. Touch up Your Color 

Whether you want to try something new or just touch up your roots, the right hair color is important for your wedding day. 

Give yourself as much time as possible if you're trying out a drastically new color. There's nothing worse than seeing a jaw-droppingly gorgeous new color in a magazine only to find out it makes you look ill in photographs.

You also want to make sure you like the way it looks in your chosen style and against your wedding colors. If you end up hating it, you'll want enough time to switch to another color. 

3. Be Realistic

This can be a challenge for a lot of brides. We all want that red carpet-worthy do for our weddings, so it can be hard to be realistic when it comes to choosing the right style. 

For example, you may have jet black hair but would love to go blonde for your wedding. However, if you only have 2 weeks to make this transition, it's not going to turn out the way you want.

Don't get us wrong, you can absolutely have a style worthy of the red carpet, but to achieve that, you have to consider what you have to work with.

4. Pick the Right Style

Some of the best wedding hair ideas involve extensions to either add fullness or length. If these are in your budget, we recommend going for it if you want one of those long and full wedding hairstyles. 

If it's not in your budget, consider your current length and haircut style. In some cases, your hair may be too short for a big updo, but there are still plenty of stunning options for short hair. Be realistic, but don't feel like you can't have it all.

5. Have Samples Ready

Some brides fall head over heels for one particular picture of a hairstyle. They think it's perfect the way it appears in the picture, but then get disappointed when it doesn't look exactly right on them.

To avoid this, we recommend having multiple samples. Try finding different angles of similar styles or different techniques on the same style. 

This way, your stylist can tailor the look to you and your hair as opposed to someone else's. 

6. Try It Out

We can't stress enough the importance of a trial run when it comes to your wedding hair. Just like color, you want to make sure you like the way everything looks together and pictures aren't completely reliable.

It's also important to time this out correctly. If you do your trial run too early, you may second-guess yourself, but if you do it too late, you may not have time to find a suitable alternative.

Ideally, give yourself at least 4-6 weeks before your wedding to do a trial run. You will even have time to fit in a second trial run if you want to compare hairstyles before deciding. Not to mention, this will give your stylist time to get familiar with your hair if they haven't worked with you before.

7. Consider Accessories

Are you wearing a wedding veil? A tiara? These are important to decide when choosing a hairstyle. However, don't stress too much about this part.

You can either choose accessories that will work with your hairstyle or you can choose a hairstyle that will work with your accessories, it just depends on your starting point.

8. Avoid Too Much Input

While it can be helpful to recruit some help from your wedding circle, you don't want to surround yourself with too many opinions. Not only can this be overwhelming, but it can also cause confusion between what you really want and what other people are telling you that you want. 

However, keeping one or two close friends or family members close during this process can help you narrow down to the perfect hair for your wedding.

9. Trust Your Stylist

Your hairstylist is your friend and wants you to look good. Communicate what you want, but be realistic if a style may not work with your hair. Your stylist can help you find alternatives if that's the case.

Chances are that they've been doing this for a long time and can help set you up for success.

Get Ready

Now that you know how to achieve the best wedding hair of your dreams, you are ready to get started. 

Jump on your research and start getting ideas on different things to try. Talk with a few close friends and your stylist if you're not sure what you want or what will look good. 

Once you're ready, book your appointment today and get started on your wedding hair dreams.