Body Waxing

Body Waxing

I want to preface this entire post with a bold statement: “Body hair is NORMAL.” Body hair gets a bad reputation a lot of the time, but body hair is not inherently bad or unhygienic. For some, body hair is a nuisance, frustrating, or even uncomfortable. Everybody has different reasons for wanting to wax their body hair, and all reasons are valid. Maybe you don’t have the time required to shave on a weekly or even daily basis, or maybe you’re dealing with skin irritation or ingrown hairs, or maybe you just prefer the convenience of waxing. Whatever your reasons are for waxing your body hair, a provider here at Rouge Beauty Bar is prepared, skilled, and willing to help you with removing your body hair.

Before Your Appointment

As you prepare for your upcoming wax appointment, it’s important to remember to take care of your body hair and skin. Skin and body hair that is well prepared ensures the service goes smoothly and all the hair is gone! This means drinking plenty of water, cleansing the area thoroughly every day, exfoliating weekly, and moisturizing daily. Yes! You MUST moisturize your skin every day to keep the skin healthy and prevent breakage of the hairs during your waxing appointment. It may sound counterintuitive, but by moisturizing everyday you are providing your skin with the hydration it needs to keep your barrier healthy. When our skin’s barrier is healthy, we have less irritation, redness, and your skin will respond better to getting waxed.

Day of Your Appointment

On the day of your wax, make sure you shower before your appointment and avoid exfoliation on the day of and the few days leading up to your wax appointment. This will ensure that your skin doesn’t “lift” and will prevent unnecessary irritation of the skin during the wax. Wearing loose fitting clothing and undergarments to your appointment will allow your skin to breathe and keep the open follicles clear from sweat and debris post wax. Make sure to inform your esthetician of any recent skin changes, or changes to your skincare routine or medications. 

During Your Appointment

When you come to your appointment, try to arrive a little bit early for your wax consultation prior to your wax appointment. Your esthetician will go over your consultation form and verbally verify information to keep you, your skin, and your body safe. The esthetician will chat with you about your sun exposure, recent exfoliation, and any new products or medications. This should be done before every waxing appointment to ensure client safety. 

Depending on the area being waxed, your provider may ask you to remove clothing. Don’t worry! All bodies are valid bodies and there is no need to worry what your provider will think! All we want to do is get all the hair removed as quickly and comfortably as possible for you. Once you’ve removed your clothing, you will sit or lie down on the treatment table inside the waxing room. The esthetician will apply either hard or soft wax to the area needing waxed and then remove it appropriately. The choice of whether to use hard or soft wax is a decision your provider will make based on all the information you’ve given them during consultation. 

After Your Appointment

Once finished, your esthetician will apply any serums, oils, or perform an ingrown hair treatment. This will rehydrate your skin and help calm any irritation caused by the wax. After getting dressed, your provider will take you to the front and ring up your wax appointment and reschedule. At the beginning of your body waxing journey you may need to come in once every four weeks to catch all the hairs as they are on different growth cycles. After a few sessions, you can start to back off to five or even six weeks between your waxes! 

For 24 hours post wax, your hair follicles will be open and more susceptible to irritation and infection. It is imperative that you wear loose fitting and breathable clothing, including undergarments, avoid sweating (no working out), and avoid intercourse for the day after your wax. This will ensure you keep the area bacteria and irritant free. Keeping the waxed area clean and clear of debris, sweat, and bacteria will keep you and your skin safe! Once you’ve reached the 24 hour mark you will be able to return to life as normal. Your provider will instruct you to begin your normal exfoliation routine starting a few days after your wax. 

Waxing Tips and Info

It’s important to note that if it’s your first time getting a body part waxed, it can take a few repeat sessions for you to feel completely smooth after your wax. This is because the hairs are on all different growth cycles and in different stages of growth. Any hairs that were just under the surface or extremely short may not be removed in that first session. After a couple waxing sessions, all of the hairs will end up on the same growth cycle, leaving you perfectly smooth right after your wax! 

Body waxing is a commitment and should be done regularly (every 4 to 6 weeks) for best results. If you are religious about your body waxing, there is a chance the hair will slowly thin over time,  making future waxes easier, quicker, and less painful! 

Choose Rouge Beauty Bar today for all your body waxing needs and let us take care of you! Book now with one of our many knowledgeable waxing providers!