Hair Makeover Examples for Your Next Hairstyle

In any classic romcom, the makeover scene is a pivotal turning point. It's a step from the old world into the new one, indicating that the heroine is ready to take charge.

From Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman to Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, a makeover is an indicator of internal change. After all, getting a drastic haircut after a big career change, moving to a new town for college, or a nasty breakup is a time-honored tradition for a reason.

New hair is a great way to signal a changed self. And there's nothing more empowering than looking in the mirror after a great hair makeover!

However, there are so many styles available these days. Maybe you should dye your long hair lime green, or maybe you should cut it into a mullet. What about a pixie, or a classic bob with balayage?

No matter what hair makeover we have in mind, we've got plenty of ideas to give you a great hair salon makeover!

Try a Pop of Color 

Dyed hair has never been more socially acceptable. Celebrities, from Billie Eilish to Halsey to Taylor Swift, have all experimented with different shades of the rainbow.

Of course, it's important to take your profession into account. If you're a banker or a lawyer, colored hair might not be accepted yet. But in many professional situations, it's allowed.

When you're testing out potential color ideas, start by gauging your hair. How dark is it, and how healthy is it? This will dictate some of your options. 

One hair makeover option is adding a hint of color to dark hair. This means using bleach-free options and dying over your hair with no lightening. If your hair is very dark, the color may only be visible in the sun.

This will also limit you to darker colors, such as red and purple. But it adds a fun touch to your hair, while still keeping it healthy and avoiding bleach.

If you have dark hair and are willing to take the time to lift it a few layers at a time to keep it healthy, you can embrace your punk rock hairstyle dreams! A talented stylist will be able to get your hair blonde without damaging the health of your hair.

If you're envisioning pastel shades, then achieving a platinum blonde first is the way to go. Then, you can dye your hair and it will show up in a vivid rainbow of color.

Of course, you may prefer a more modest approach to a makeover. If so, why not take a cue from Taylor Swift and add a little pop of pastel color to the ends? During her Lover era, Swift added pink ends to her classic blonde hair. 

Take the time to consult with your stylist and see what options will work best for your hair color makeover.

Go for Some Layers 

Depending on the type of layers you go for, it can drastically change your look. Tired of flat-ironed hair and want to go for a beachy mermaid look? Layers. Want to embrace a shaggy mullet if you missed the trend when it first came around? Layers.

Layers add texture and volume to the hair and also changes the way that it frames your face. The same haircut on the same person can look wildly different depending on the layers that have been added in.

If you're bored with your hair and looking for something new, this is a great option to test the waters. On the other hand, though, some people want to go big or go home.

Do Something Drastic 

Post-pandemic, after a long period of time where many people weren't able to access a hair salon makeover, many wild hairstyles are starting to take root. After all, did anyone ever predict that the mullet would make a resurgence?

One great option is shaving your head. If you want a clean slate, physically and emotionally, a shaved head is a great way to do that. When women who shave all their hair off are interviewed, their reasons are diverse.

Some say they just wanted to see what they'd look like. Some did it out of solidarity with a sick friend or family member. Others did it for personal reasons, trying to reclaim their bodies in a world that often treats long, luscious locks as a sex symbol. 

No matter what your reasoning, a shaved head is a fierce, attention-grabbing look. However, it can be a big jump for some people, and it can seem scary without being able to test-drive the waters first. 

Using a Hair Makeover App 

That's where a hair makeover app comes in. If you don't want to commit to a bold new look without seeing what you're working with, give it a shot! Usually, these apps work like this.

You upload your picture, preferably one with a clean shot and your normal hairstyle. Think about the type of picture required for your driver's license. 

Then, you're able to select the cut or color that you want. This won't be a perfect reflection of how the look will appear in everyday life, but it's a great estimate of how you can pull it off.

As fun as a virtual hair makeover can be, it's still no substitute for the expertise of a good hairstylist. Start by toying around with inspiration pictures and a hair makeover app. Then, when you're ready to make a change, consult with your stylist. 

At the Rouge Beauty Bar, our stylists have consulted for countless styles, hair colors, skin tones, and more. We've seen almost every potential hair makeover option, so we're well equipped to handle yours!

Getting a Hair Makeover

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