How to Take Care of Your Lash Extensions

False eyelashes are great for a night out, but you might be looking for a more permanent solution. Eyelash extensions are great for enhancing your eyes without makeup. Some people get eyelash extensions because they make their eyes look younger and wider without copious amounts of mascara.

Make sure you weigh all of your options before going for your first appointment. Before you ask your preferred voice assistant "lash extensions near me", you might want to learn about lash care.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about eyelash extension care.

Finding the Right Lash Artist

Do your research before you choose the right lash artist for you. Your lash artist can make or break your lash experience. Make sure they have the right qualifications as well as the experience needed to apply and remove your lashes. You should also make sure that they are going to follow the proper safety and sanitation measures in a sterile environment.

The right lash artist will know how the difference between the different types of lashes, which ones are best for your eye shape, and how to apply them properly. 

Don't Touch Your Lashes or Rub Your Eyes

It's tempting to touch your eyelashes, especially when they are newly lashed or you've gotten lash extensions for the first time. Touching your eyelash extensions transfers the oils from your fingers to your lashes which isn't good. When you get something in your eye, your first instinct is to rub your eyes. 

However, you really need to avoid doing so because pulling on your lashes or rubbing your eyes can cause the premature breakdown of the lash adhesive can make the extensions fall out and cause damage to your natural eyelashes. 

Avoiding Water and Steam

For the first forty-eight hours following the application of eyelash extensions, you will want to avoid water, steam, and humidity. Any moisture that you come into contact with may prevent the glue from settling in. You will also want to avoid your eyes when washing off your makeup. It's ideal to make sure that you don't wear eye makeup right away. 

After the first few days, you'll be able to get water on your lashes. However, you'll still want to avoid 

Don't Use Oil-Based Products

Oil found in skincare products can cause the lash glue to break down prematurely. This means that using an oil-free skin cleanser and makeup remover can help to keep your lashes intact. 

Lessen up on your regular eye cream usage when you have lash extensions. It's likely that your eye cream, like your usual cleansers and makeup removers with oil, can cause the lash glue to break down. If you can't go without your eye cream, consider using a gel alternative to take its place while you have extensions. 

Keep Your Lashes Clean

Even though you should be avoiding water and rubbing your eyes, you'll still want to keep your lashes clean. Using an alcohol-free and oil-free foam lash cleanser, you can do so. Remember to avoid rubbing your lashes when you are cleaning them. Gently wipe your cleanser through your lashes for optimal results. 

You might reconsider using eye makeup while you have lash extensions. Your lashes are meant to enhance the appearance of your eyes meaning that you might not even need to wear mascara at all. When you wear mascara, you have to scrub it to get it off your lashes. Avoiding mascara, especially waterproof mascara, can help to keep your lashes clean and intact. 

Brush Your Lashes

Like the hair on your head, you'll want to brush your lashes every day to get any tangles out. Brushing your lashes will also help to break down any makeup, dirt, or pollen that has built up over time. This measure of hygiene will help to minimize possible infections and irritations that might occur.

Using a spoolie brush or a clean mascara wand, you can easily detangle your lashes. You can find spoolie brushes at your local drugstore or beauty supply store.

Use a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

Regular cotton pillowcases are known for causing breakage and snagging hairs. You've heard of switching to a silk or satin pillowcase to protect the hair on top of your head. So why wouldn't you do the same for your eyelash extensions? Switching to satin or silk pillowcases can help to prevent snagging or drying out your lashes, allowing them to last longer.

Don't Remove Your Lashes By Yourself

A professional lash artist should be the one to remove your lashes when the time comes. Doing it by yourself could end in a mess because lash extensions are applied with surgical-grade glue to keep them in place. They will use a lash remover to break down the adhesive in a safe manner.

It's not recommended to remove your lashes by yourself. However, there might be times where you can't get an appointment. Make sure you do your research before doing it on your own.

Lash Extensions Near Me

Following all of these tips will help to ensure that your extensions last as long as they should. Now that you are prepared to care for your eyelash extensions, you can start searching "lash extensions near me". Rogue Beauty Bar can do your lash extensions in Springfield, MO. We would love to help you with all of your beauty needs. We can even handle your eyelash extension application. 

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