Staff Highlight: CHYENNE & ODED

I made the decision when I took over our blogging that I’m going to be writing what I’m calling our “Staff Highlight” series. I’m so excited to begin doing this so all of our readers and clients can get to know our employees a little bit better. It only seems fitting that I begin with our owners, Chyenne and Oded. Funnily enough, they were the hardest to pull information from. Chyenne was hesitant to have me write this blog specifically, but no one is more deserving of praise and recognition than these two!

Let’s go back 13 years- all the way to 2010, before Rouge was even a salon and spa. While pregnant with their first child, Chyenne and Oded opened a little kiosk in the Battlefield Mall. This kiosk sold mineral makeup and skincare from Bellapierre Cosmetics and Mica Beauty. The focus was heavily on sales and they were doing very well in their location. Rouge still sells these makeup and skincare products to this day and we have many loyal customers who LOVE their Bellapierre and Mica cosmetics! 

Chyenne will be the first one to tell you that when she started selling makeup in 2010, she didn’t even wear makeup! I believe that is a testament to just how talented and driven she is. She was able to start a successful business without much prior knowledge to the products. Once she studied the products, she fell in love with how easy mineral makeup was to use. Turns out, many people were intimidated and overwhelmed by beauty products and she was able to share her experience with her customers and build that relationship with them.

Oded has been in the cosmetic industry for 18 years and has a passion for sales and growth. He always has a smile on his face and is so welcoming and has a genuine love for all our clients and our entire staff. He has a knack for making people happy and you can see that in the way he treats every person, no matter who they are. Oded is a true salesman at heart and is always pushing our staff to work on our retail skills at every opportunity! He’s an inspiration into what is possible when you genuinely care for those around you.

With nine years of makeup and skincare product sales under their belts, Chyenne and Oded recognized a need within the Battlefield Mall and the community and in 2019 Rouge Beauty Bar came to life! Chyenne, while pregnant with their third baby, knew that a place with a focus on brows and excellent customer service would be a huge hit. And she wasn't wrong. What an amazing and quick response they had! Within two years Rouge had already outgrown its space and a move and remodel was in order. May 4th, of 2022 was the first official day we took appointments in our new location. With double the square footage, we doubled our staff in 2023 and increased our menu, leading to who we are as Rouge today.

Despite owning and running the business, Chyenne decided she needed to educate herself more on the industry and graduated the Esthetics program at Paul Mitchell the School Springfield in fall of 2021. She loves performing any services on clients as she prefers to work with her hands, keep moving, and keep creating. One of the services she mentioned she worries about the most is makeovers. The pressure of glamming someone up on their special day is HUGE, but the final product always fills her with pride and is the most rewarding part! But Chyenne holds a special place in her heart for skin and all things facials.

Chyenne’s drive to always be improving comes from her love for goals. She always stays in competition with herself, pushing to be the better version of who she was yesterday. Oded also keeps himself motivated at work by being extremely helpful to our employees and making sure everyone around him is taken care of. Whether it’s getting our clients complimentary mimosas and drinks or folding laundry and cleaning up in between services, Oded is possibly one of the busiest people at Rouge when he’s in the building!

When Chyenne and Oded aren’t at the shop or working, you can find them at home raising their three boys, taking care of their home projects, or tending to their garden. Oded also loves to cook and clean while playing and listening to music. Chyenne is a long distance runner with a penchant for local news, KY3 specifically! They love to travel and Oded’s dream vacation spot is Costa Rica and Chyenne would love to travel to Argentina, Brazil, or Thailand. I think a trip to Central or South America is in order! No two people are more deserving of a dream vacation.

I can’t think of anyone better to offer advice than these two. With a combined total of over 30 years of industry experience, they have some great words of wisdom to offer those just starting out.

Chyenne says: “Many people allow themselves to get hung up on a bad experience and one bad experience can turn into 100 if you don’t embrace it, welcome it with open arms, and learn from it. Don’t let one bad experience limit your potential and define your future. 

“As much as possible, communicate respectfully with your clients and colleagues. Be humble.

“Always remember, things rarely go as planned. You should still make BIG plans and goals but be prepared to be flexible. Sometimes what seems to be completely derailing your plan could actually make it better.”

Oded says: “Make sure you’re truly passionate about it. Many people are good at what they’re doing, but given a choice, anyone would rather go with someone who is passionate. Clients can tell!”

Chyenne and Oded have been working in the beauty industry for 13 years and both of them cite Rouge and their boys as their favorite accomplishments. Oded considers us the “best team ever” and I have to agree. We’re pretty lucky with how great our coworkers and bosses are. The people you work with can make or break a job, and all of us here at Rouge Beauty Bar are so grateful to Chyenne and Oded and the opportunity they’ve given us all. You couldn’t ask for more caring, human bosses. They take care of us in a way that makes us feel like family, and I genuinely believe they consider each and every one of us part of their family. 

Come see us at Rouge Beauty Bar to experience a unique, cohesive atmosphere where we all care for and look after one another. You won’t be disappointed!