Staff Highlight: ELIZABETH

This next staff highlight blog is especially near and dear to my heart. I met Elizabeth over three years ago at Paul Mitchell the School Springfield. Both of us started the esthetics program in the same class, and despite us being friends in school, we had no idea just how close we would become! On a professional level, Elizabeth is my coworker and one of my favorite people to bounce ideas off of about products, ingredients, and treatments. And on a personal level, she’s so much more than that. I’m proud to call her a close friend and I’m grateful for how much we have grown alongside each other during our three years in the beauty industry.

In January of 2021, Elizabeth began her esthetics career at Paul Mitchell here in Springfield and quickly became adept at lash extensions, beginning to work in a salon even while she was in school. But her journey to the beauty industry began a little bit after high school after a stint in the medical field. Out of high school, Elizabeth began a career working in the medical field, with a dream of one day working in a dermatologist office. She got her CNA license and got accepted into nursing school. She found herself working on the oncology floor and then urgent care, but then the pandemic hit. And just like so many of us, everything changed, especially the medical field. She found herself becoming burnt out and losing her passion due to overworking and long shifts.

Looking for a different career path, she began to research the possibility of cosmetology school. Elizabeth’s mom is a very talented cosmetologist and this is where her interest in esthetics began. Her mom told her about esthetics and she immediately fell in love. It was exactly what she was looking for. She was able to reconcile her passion for skin health, which she loved most, but quickly found a passion for brows, lash extensions, waxing, threading, and facial massage! Her parents and family supported her decision and she is grateful for them and their support, as she believes she wouldn’t be here at Rouge today with them. We’re grateful to her family as well for giving us Elizabeth, as she is an integral member of our family here at Rouge!

Once she graduated the esthetics program at Paul Mitchell and received her license, she continued working at the salon she had worked at during school. However, she felt like it just wasn’t the right fit for her. Chyenne was in dire need of a lash artist and I knew Elizabeth was looking for a new spa to call home. I suggested her to Chyenne and within the week, she was hired! I was ecstatic to have a former classmate and friend to work with. 

For the last two and a half years, Elizabeth has grown here at Rouge as a provider and person. She quickly grew a huge lash extension clientele and lashes most of those regulars to this day! Elizabeth has a deep appreciation for the artistry required for lash extensions and loves the relationships she gets to build with her clientele during those long and consistent lash appointments. She loves facials, but appreciates the relaxation aspect AND loves working with clients to improve their skin and work on their concerns. And, as we would all suspect, brows are near and dear to her heart, but brow laminations are her absolute favorite!

Elizabeth is a very hard worker and stays busy at work. Even when she’s not booked with services, you can find her cleaning, organizing, and helping out with whatever needs done around Rouge! She keeps herself motivated by building those relationships with her regular clients. She says that seeing them and getting to work on and talk with them makes her day every day. She feels blessed to work for a small business with amazing coworkers and bosses who are so supportive and great to be around. 

Elizabeth is most passionate about customizing services, because she believes every client that books with her is special. She loves helping each and every client with customizing their skincare routine and the products and treatments she uses in the facial room. She also feels there is a perfect lash set for everybody and her favorite thing is customizing their lash sets for their eye shape and face shape. She loves helping people find the beauty in their own skin and helping them reach their goals.

When Elizabeth isn’t at work, you can find her at home with her partner and their two beautiful goldendoodle children, Nala and Lola. She loves reading crime and mystery books, spending time with her family, and taking her dogs on hikes! Her and her boyfriend love to have date nights, watch movies, and stay in cuddling their dogs.

I didn’t know this fun fact until recently, but Elizabeth grew up with horses and was always riding horses when she was younger. Her great aunt gifted her her own horse one summer and she loved spending every summer with him! She was also a competitive swimmer in high school and her favorite was the butterfly stroke! 

One day she hopes to travel to Scotland. Her last name is Scottish and there’s a McCullom clan castle there that only McCulloms are able to tour. She’s always had the dream to go there and experience the beauty and culture of Scotland while also learning about her family’s ancestors.

Having personally watched Elizabeth grow as an esthetician and person, I was really excited to hear her advice for new professionals within the beauty industry. She has this to say:

“We all start from the beginning, and it’s so important to always continue your education. It doesn’t end when you get licensed. This industry is constantly changing, and keeping up with those changes is so important. New science, new studies, new products, new services. There is always something to improve on or gain knowledge about and it’s crucial to always try to better yourself for your clients.”

If you’re looking for a new provider who takes the time to listen to your concerns and questions, Elizabeth is your girl! She is kind, caring, and connects with every client she tends to. She’s at Rouge Sunday through Wednesday every week and is ready to take care of your skin, lashes, or brows!