Staff Highlight: JOSE

For my next Staff Highlight, I’m going to introduce you to Jose! Jose is a licensed esthetician and licensed esthetics instructor and splits his time between Rouge and Paul Mitchell the School Springfield where he teaches. Jose joined us about two and a half years ago, where he did the esthetics program at Paul Mitchell in 2020. But his journey in the beauty industry began a long time ago. Let’s all go back to 2008, when the brows were thin and spooky. Jose was always interested in makeup and began watching makeup tutorials at age 8, his favorite makeup artist being Michelle Phan. He saw the need for brow rehabilitation amongst his friends and started doing all of their brows! Little did he know, his hobby would turn into a full blown career! 

Going to school only solidified his love for makeup and brows and he found a new passion as well, waxing! Jose’s favorite services include makeup and waxing, and that makes sense as he absolutely KILLS every single makeup look he does. Every single time we go out with our Rouge Crew, we just KNOW Jose is going to go all out and his makeup will look better than the rest of ours! Despite his talent with makeup, Jose excels at waxing and even offers men’s intimate waxing, being one of a handful of providers offering male anatomy Brazilians in Springfield. We’re lucky to have him! Whether you’re looking for a natural glam look for your event or a perfectly snatched brow, Jose is your guy!

Jose keeps himself motivated at work by turning the music up, staying caffeinated, and making sure the vibes are immaculate! He feels that his biggest accomplishment in life is his ability to “slay all day, every day.” He’s considered the “work bully” here at Rouge, and, before you crucify me, that’s a title he’s given himself! His coworkers also call him Jo-Slay and Pepe. He keeps us all on our toes and makes sure we’re all at our best. While he may keep your head on your shoulders, he’ll also be the first person to hype you up when you’re deserving, and that might just be my favorite thing about him. 

When Jose isn’t at work you can find him in the streets. He’s barely at home and prefers to spend his time out with friends, at the club or bar, or watching movies at the theater. His desire to be away from home also applies to his dream vacation destination, and someday he wants to visit Australia. When I asked him what his hidden talent was, he merely replied with a famous quote… “I can put my whole fist in my mouth. Wanna see?” Unfortunately, I was too scared to ask him to demonstrate, so I guess we’ll have to take his word for it. 

Jose has this advice to offer new professionals of the beauty industry:

“Don't view other people in this industry as competition. Make connections, build community, and learn from each other.”

Beautiful advice from an even more beautiful soul. We are so lucky to have him on our staff, and I’m proud to be able to learn from him every single week. Jose has so much knowledge about and passion for esthetics, he sets a great example for our staff and he may be just the provider you’re looking for. He can brighten anyone’s day and is excellent at educating his clients on their skin, lashes, and brows.

And Jose’s biggest passion within this industry involves just that- education. Whether it be teaching his students at Paul Mitchell the School Springfield about the industry itself or educating his clients on their skin, he is driven and passionate. He is an asset here at Rouge and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things he accomplishes in his career!