Staff Highlight: SARAH

I had such a great response to my Staff Highlight series introduction that I can’t wait to keep writing all of these! Next up, we have our most senior provider, Sarah. Sarah is our most experienced lash extension artist and esthetician. She brings a level of experience, grace, and skill that only comes from being in the industry as long as she has! Her journey within the beauty industry began shortly after high school. After graduating, Sarah had initially considered going to cosmetology school, but found a home selling makeup and skincare at Rouge Beauty Bar. Now, Sarah boasts being our longest running employee, with almost eight years under her belt! Her passion for hair, makeup, and all things beauty made it an easy fit for her. 

Despite being amazing at sales, Sarah wanted to expand her education and learn more about the industry. At that time, our lash artist was leaving Rouge and we were needing someone to take over performing lash extensions. This was the perfect opportunity for Sarah to begin her esthetics journey and branch into offering services from her success in retail. In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, Sarah began her schooling at Paul Mitchell the School Springfield.

After finishing the esthetics program at Paul Mitchell, Sarah was able to begin taking services here at Rouge. Starting out with lash extensions, she branched into more and more services and now offers facials, lash services, facial waxing, and many other services. Most recently, she trained under Steph to begin offering threading and has now added it to her books! Sarah does stay very booked with her lash extension clients and her brow regulars, but relaxation focused facials are her absolute favorite and she is very passionate about massage. She’s one of two providers here who offer full body massage as well and has worked hard to hone her massage techniques. 

When I first started at Rouge my boss always called her “Sarah B” and I assumed it was to differentiate between the two different Sarahs we had employed at the time. But I was wrong! I directly asked her in my interview for this blog and she told me she concluded it was because her middle name is Beth and Chyenne just always called her that for her middle initial from the start!

Relaxation facials give Sarah the ability to connect with her client on a deeper level and she loves the energy transfer involved. Sarah feels strongly about making people feel good about themselves. She feels that it’s most important that her clients leave feeling valued and with improved self esteem! One of her favorite parts of services is actually the end, when clients come in with minimal expectations and leave feeling amazing, their expectations met and now raised!

With so many years of experience in the industry, it can be easy to get burnt out and lose motivation. At Rouge, Sarah says she doesn’t have that problem and she gets motivation from her coworkers and believes that the people you work with can make or break your work experience! She finds inspiration from her friend and former coworker, Lexie. Sarah aspires to be as successful as Lexie is and works hard every day to grow her clientele and improve her skills. Sarah feels strongly that you should always continue educating yourself and grow.

Sarah is an integral part of our family here at Rouge and she has valuable advice for those just getting into the industry and it pertains to school specifically. She has the following to say:

“Finish your schooling! So many people start a program and just don’t finish. And once you graduate, never stop learning!” 

Photo: Happenstance_Creative

When she’s not at Rouge, Sarah can be found working hard in the gym, doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and throwing knives. She considers those her hidden talents, but she also enjoys reading in her spare time. When I asked her what her ideal vacation entails, she responded, “I want to go to Italy and eat pasta, read books, and get fat and sassy!” As for the accomplishment she’s most proud of, Sarah is already a homeowner at a young age! 

Sarah is a beacon of light here at work and, as our longest standing employee, she has valuable experience and knowledge that all of us at Rouge can aspire to. She genuinely cares about her clients, taking the time to listen and understand and provide the best services possible. If you haven’t already, come see her for an amazing set of lash extensions, a relaxing facial or body massage, and let her share some of her light with you!