The Arctic Cranberry Facial

Rouge's Seasonal Arctic Cranberry Facial

Winter is officially here! This winter, let our estheticians here at Rouge Beauty Bar treat you to brighter, more hydrated skin.. Our seasonal facial this winter is the Arctic Cranberry Facial!

What is the Arctic Cranberry Facial?

With the changes of the season, our skin changes as well. Whether it be environmental factors, diet, stress, or lack of sleep, our skin can be negatively impacted around the holidays. Regular facials can help improve your skin’s health and appearance. The Arctic Cranberry Facial is designed to combat aging skin, uneven skin tone, and environmental damage.

Each of our estheticians will first perform a skin consultation to tailor all products and methods used to your skin. This is the most important step in your facial, as it will ensure that you get the best results possible for your skin. Once the skin consultation is completed, your provider will walk you back to the facial treatment room and give you a few minutes to get undressed before your facial begins.

Preparing for Your Facial

In order to get the best results for your skin, make sure to prepare yourself and your skin before you even step in the building. As our Arctic Cranberry Facial includes an enzyme to exfoliate the skin, it is necessary to stop any at home forms of exfoliation for at least five to seven days before your appointment. This includes any topical steroids, retinols, acne medications, and oral skin-thinning or photosensitizing medications. You should also avoid excessive sun exposure and facial waxing in the week before your facial.

On the day of your appointment, feel free to do your regular skin care routine in the morning, but avoid exfoliation. Come approximately ten minutes early and without makeup. A small amount of light makeup is ok, but less makeup is better, as your skin cleanses will be more effective!

During Your Facial

When your esthetician re-enters the facial treatment room, get ready for the relaxation and skin treatment to start! All of our facials begin with a double cleanse and relaxation massage on the face, neck, and decolletage. Our estheticians perform lymphatic drainage massage, which will help move lymphatic fluid along the lymph vessels. This will help to remove toxins and waste from your skin cells while bringing blood flow to the surface of the skin to improve your skin’s tone. Facial massage also helps reduce puffiness, carving out your jawline and cheekbones, tightening sagging skin, which can all give you a younger, more snatched look!

Our esthetician will then apply the Arctic Cranberry Enzyme from Skin Script. This enzyme has multiple actives for intense skin lightening and brightening. A mixture of mandelic and lactic acids (AHAs) offer great skin exfoliation while arbutin and kojic acid (melanin suppressants) brighten and even skin tone. The secret powerhouse within this enzyme is the arctic cranberry seed oil, which is full of antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage and harmful free radicals. Arctic cranberry seed oil is also rich in essential fatty acids to provide calming and antiinflammatory effects. 

After extractions and high frequency, the esthetician will apply the Wintermint Mask from Skin Script. This mask is hydrating, nourishing, and perfect to calm and reduce redness and inflammation while also repairing your skin’s barrier. The Wintermint Mask is formulated with shea butter, niacinamide, and coconut fruit juice. These skincare ingredients help to hydrate and firm the skin, while also improving skin tone. Using the science of Skin Script’s Neossance ™ Squalane, this mask smooths wrinkles, hydrates, and repairs the skin’s barrier. Finally, to end your facial, your esthetician will apply any facial serums, moisturizer, and most importantly, sunscreen!

After Your Facial

Once your facial is complete, you can enjoy your fresh, exfoliated, and hydrated skin. This facial will give your skin a more even tone, brighten and firm the skin, hydrate and repair, and give you a more youthful glow! For the week after your facial, make sure you are protecting your skin from the sun and other exfoliation as much as possible. This means wearing sunscreen everyday, using gentle cleansers and good hydrating moisturizers, and avoiding facial waxing for up to 7 days post facial. We don’t want to undo all the hard work we just put into your skin!  Now is the time to enjoy your freshly exfoliated, beautiful, plump, and hydrated skin! Rouge Beauty Bar is here for all your facial, skincare, waxing, lashing, and hair needs, no matter the season!