What Are the Advantages of Facial Waxing?

Do you love the long-lasting effects of waxing for your body and bikini area? Do you wonder if this would be the same when it comes to facial waxing? 

The awesome thing is that not only are women into waxing and hair grooming services, but men are getting into it as well. The anti-hair movement of the 21st century is going strong.

Let's read on to see what some facial waxing benefits are, so you can use the boons of waxing for ALL parts of your body. Smooth and hairless face, here we come.

1. Increases Precision

You might use threading or plucking for your eyebrow grooming at the moment and that's all fine and good. 

But how precise can you get with these methods? Can you get at all the finer hairs and get your eyebrows sculpted to your exact measurements? 

Worse is when you are using bleaching or shaving for your eyebrow grooming - there's no way to get precise with that.

A talented and experienced aesthetician could make groom your eyebrows to perfection just with plucking and threading, but facial waxing is the way to get truly precise. 

Get the perfect eyebrow shape with facial waxing, that gets into those little corners that a shaver or bleach cannot. 

2. Long-Lasting Facial Hair Removal

You know how it is - you get your eyebrows plucked or threaded (or do it yourself) and a few days pass by and your eyebrows are unruly yet again. What? Wasn't it only yesterday that you had done your eyebrows? 

It's annoying, to be sure. But it's also time-consuming, and embarrassing.

You don't want to be spending all your free time getting rid of facial hair, but you also don't want to be walking around outside with mustaches and a unibrow. 

Well, getting your eyebrows and face waxed ensures that you get long-lasting results. It's obviously not the same as getting your unwanted hair lasered, but waxing can last for 4-6 weeks at a time! 

This is because it pulls your hair from the root, which means that it takes longer for your hair to grow back. Now doesn't that sound like music to hairy ears? 

3. Makes Hair Finer and Reduces Regrowth

The reason why aestheticians are constantly lauding the benefits of facial waxing to you is that waxing, over time, makes the hair thinner.

It also makes the regrowth time longer and longer, so that after some point, you will be waxing after 6-8 weeks, rather than 4-6 weeks. This is good news for anyone who is exhausted from their regular facial hair removal routine.

Once you have been waxing for a few years, you will notice that you don't need to wax as often, and even if you have hair on your face or body, it's not as visible, because it's finer and less coarse. 

4. Reduces Cost Over the Long-Term

If you are not an economist, don't worry. Neither are we. But anyone can tell that if you only need to wax every 4-6 weeks (or even less frequenter), then you are saving money in the long term. Right?

That's the brilliant thing about waxing facial hair. Over time, as your hair grows thinner, finer, and less coarse, you will need to wax less often, and that means more moolah in your pocket.

You can use it for investment purposes, or you can throw it around as if you were Queen Cleopatra. We are not going to judge. We promise.

5. Nourishes and Protects Your Skin

Anyone who has gotten a waxing done knows how smooth, sleek, soft, and healthy their skin looks after. It feels like you've got a new lease on life like you are in your twenties again. 

Of course, it also depends on the kind of wax you use. Some aestheticians use honey wax or natural waxes, that are nourishing and gentle on the skin. Some others use chemical ones.

But in general, waxing your skin removes a layer of skin with it, which means, that it's basically like a really good facial or cleanse. It helps reveal a healthier layer of skin underneath which gives you that glow. 

This is especially clear when you get facial hair removal, because our face is always exposed to the elements, and gets the brunt of it, all the way from pollution, to chemicals and irritants in the air. 

Once you get a good waxing session, you will notice that you want to do it repeatedly, because it makes you look so much younger. All that for the cost of a facial waxing, which averages out to be USD 50. Cheap, right?

Some Things To Be Aware Of With Facial Waxing

Of course, facial waxing isn't without its side effects and contraindications. As with everything related to the face which is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, we have to be careful not to overdo it.

The wax has to be at the right temperature, which is something your aesthetician should be paying attention to. It's extremely easy to burn the sensitive skin on our face with wax that's too hot. 

Also, you must not wax any part of your face that has acne or some other skin condition or ailment. Avoid it please!

Finally, make sure you watch yourself if waxing during or around your period. Our bodies and skin are naturally more sensitive and pain-averse during that time. If possible, avoid getting wax during these times. 

There Are So Many Reasons to Wax Your Face

Now you know the benefits of facial waxing, you might be rushing to book your appointment with your local aesthetician.

Always read reviews from previous and current customers to ensure your waxing person knows what they are doing!

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